By combining sherry or various other wines with rum or cognac, flavoring with lemon, oranges, or both, cinnamon, etc., adding sugar or some flavored syrup or some flavoring extract, tea, etc., a great variety of punches can be prepared, and, well iced, dispensed by drawing carbonated water on them, or served at the hot soda counter.

Tea Punch Essence

If these punch essences are dispensed at the soda counter with hot tea, it makes an improvement. An excellent preparation is the following: Take three pounds of sugar; squeeze eight fresh lemons, and add the juice to the sugar; then pour upon it one pint of strong tea, and bring to a boil. Take off the mixture from the fire, and add two pints of arrac or rum; filter and fill in bottles.

Proportions of Punch Essences for Bottling

About three ounces of these punch and grog essences for a pint, and six ounces to a quart champagne bottle, are the usual proportions employed.

The foregoing Formulae, if prepared on a small scale, will also do for dispensing; however, we append a few Formulas expressly for the dispensers:

Whiskey Punch Essence

Whiskey, one pint; cognac, one-half pint; add the juice and sliced peel of one lemon, half a pound of sugar, and two pints warm water. Mix and filter.

Gin Punch Essence

Prepare as before, substituting gin for whiskey.

Grog Essence Of Cognac

Formula I

Mix one quart of cognac with one quart of syrup. Increase alcoholic strength by the addition of some alcohol, about one pint, if desired; also flavor with tincture of vanilla if liked.

Formula II - Second quality. Mix one quart of alcohol and one quart of syrup, and add fifteen grains essence of oenanthic ether.

Grog Essence Of Arrac

Prepare as before, substituting arrac for rum or cognac, or compound as follows: Syrup, one gallon; arrac, two pints; cognac, four pints; solution citric acid, one fluid ounce; essence of rose, soluble, one fluid drachm.