The owners or patentees give the following directions for putting in a new charge: Shut cock No. 2 and fill your cooler. Open cock No. 2 and allow the gas to go into cooler after it is filled, and close cock No. 2 to shut in the cooler, the gas to start charge with. Open cock No. 1, and take off bung in generator so air can go in before you draw off the charge from the bottom; if bung is not opened, the vacuum caused by blowing off the charge will draw over all the acid in acid head, with the dead charge. When taking out dead charge, always open bung on generator to let in air to prevent drawing over acid.

Fig. 214.   The Waldo Acid Feeder as applied to New Generator

Fig. 214. - The Waldo Acid Feeder as applied to New Generator.

A, Acid-feeder pipe; B, Acid head; C, Generator; D, Coolers; E, Supply pipe to feed gas to cooler; F, Equalizing pipe; G, Pipe from last cooler to acid head; H, Pipe leading from cooler to fountains; No. 1, Cock to equalize gas; No. 2, Cock to supply gas from generator to cooler; No. 3, Cock to supply gas to acid head to start new charge.

Directions for working acid feeder: - 1st. After the acid, whiting and marble are in the machine, shut (all) cocks, Nos. 1, 2 and 3.

Fig. 215.   The Waldo Acid Feeder as Applied to old Generator, with Sectional View of Same

Fig. 215. - The Waldo Acid Feeder as Applied to old Generator, with Sectional View of Same.

2d. Let gas into the cooler from the cylinders, or portable charged fountain (see Note No. 1).

3d. Open cock No. 3 to let gas go from cooler to acid head, (then close cock No. 3 and leave it closed until starting a new charge again); this gas will drive acid over into the generator. Keep cock No. 1 closed and draw gas, and acid will flow over.

4th. When work is stopped, open cock No. 1, and leave it open.

Directions for starting a Natural Syplion: - (When the bottom of the acid head is even with the top of generator, as shown in Fig. 214.) At times the pressure may be low on the machine, and it is desirable to raise gas quickly; for instance the machine has 25 lbs. pressure and 150 lbs. is wanted.

1st. Close cock No. 1, which shuts 25 lbs. gas pressure in acid head.

2d. Draw gas from generator into coolers and fountains, say 5 lbs. gas; this reduces the gas-pressure in the generator to 20 lbs., and leaves 25 lbs. pressure on the acid head; this extra 5 lb. pressure in acid head forces the acid over into the generator, while the acid is flowing (say 10 seconds); open cock No. 1, this allows the gas to equalize between the generator and acid head, and the natural syphon is established.

Directions to stop Natural Syphon: - The natural syphon is now flowing, and the gauge say 140 lbs. or thereabouts. Shut cock No. 1, and this prevents gas from going from generator to acid head through pipes F and C; the acid in generator will make say 10 lbs. more gas, so the gauge marks 150 lbs.; this extra 10 lbs. of gas (5 lbs. will do it) in the generator will force its way into the acid head through the feeder and equalize the gas in generator and acid head, and the flow is stopped.