Alcohol when imbibed is quickly absorbed into the circulatory system. About one-fifth of the quantity taken passes into the blood from the stomach, and one-tenth from the uppermost section of the small

1 "Alcohol: its Action on the Human Organism." H.M. Stationery Office, 1918." (Quoted by permission of the Controller.) intestine; but the main absorption, equal to about one-half of the whole dose, occurs in the middle portion of the small intestine. The remaining one-fifth is absorbed from the third and last section. By the time the alimentary contents reach the large intestine, all the alcohol has been taken up from them into the blood. The rate of absorption appears to vary with the conditions, such as the degree of dilution of the alcohol, the form in which the latter is taken, and the time in relation to meals; but the evidence respecting these factors is not clear enough to warrant a definite statement as to their precise effects.