Propyl alcohols (propanols), C3H7 OH. Mol. wt. 6006. As already explained (p. 115), two isomeric propyl alcohols are possible, and are known.

(1) Normal Propyl Alcohol, Ch3ch1ch1oh

Chancel1 in 1853 showed that the normal alcohol was contained in fusel oil, and it is now obtained from this source by fractional distillation. Linne-mann2 first produced it synthetically, by reducing propionic anhydride, obtained by synthesis from ethyl alcohol.

It is a colourless liquid with an agreeable spirituous odour. Its sp. gr. is 08044 at 20°/4°, or 080765 at 15 6o/15'60. It boils at 97.4°. Propyl alcohol is miscible with water in all proportions, but is distinguishable from ethyl alcohol by its insolubility in a cold saturated solution of calcium chloride. It forms with water a mixture of constant boiling point, 87.72°, the mixture containing 71.69 per cent. of the alcohol by weight.3