Sp. gr. of sample 0.8241 = 92.8 per cent. of total alcohol. (a) Ten c.c. diluted to 92.8 c.c. with water give 10 per cent. of total alcohol. (b) Five c.c. of this were next diluted to 100 c.c. with ethyl alcohol of 10 per cent. strength. (c) Five c.c. of the solution obtained in (b) were oxidised as directed, and the colour produced was equal to that given by a standard of 0.0017 gram of methyl alcohol. Then:

00017 X 100/5 X100/5 X 92.8/10 X 1/0.7964 =7.97 per cent. of methyl alcohol by volume.

Alternatively, Thorpe and Holmes's method of estimating the methyl alcohol by oxidation to carbon dioxide may be employed; see Chap. VI.