Methyl alcohol is found in a large number of plants, chiefly as methyl esters, e.g., methyl salicylate, antnranilate, and cinnamate, which are constituents of various essential oils. Notably, methyl salicylate occurs as the glucoside gaultherin in oil of wintergreen from Gaultheria pro-cumbens, and in the bark of the sweet birch, Betula lenta. Methyl anthranilate is present in oil of neroli, oil of orange, oil of jasmine, oil of gardenia, and oil of bergamot. Methyl cinnamate is found in the oil obtained from Alpinia malaccensis, and in wartara oil, probably from the seeds of species of Xanthoxylum; whilst methyl benzoate occurs in oil of cloves and in ylang-ylang oil.