O milk and water! Ye happy mixtures of more happy days.


Milk Shake

To one third glass of cracked ice, add two . thirds glass of milk, sweetened with any fruit syrup, or with a plain sugar syrup flavored with vanilla or orange flower water. Shake well before serving.

The Mount Vernon

Into a glass nearly filled with rich milk put three tablespoonfuls of chocolate syrup and a ladleful of chocolate ice cream. Stir well and add a spoonful of whipped cream colored with caramel. Serve with a spoon.

Milk And Seltzer

To one half glass of rich milk add one half glass of Seltzer water.

Milk Snap

Add the beaten white of an egg to one glass of cold milk and one fourth glass of ginger syrup.

Shake thoroughly and serve with a bit of grated lemon peel.

Albumenized Milk

Shake thoroughly the white of one egg with one half cup of milk.

Clabbered Milk

Stand the bottle of milk in a warm place until it is the consistency of cream. Season with a little salt, and drink in place of buttermilk.

Buttermilk Pop

Mix two tablespoonfuls of flour with two table-spoonfuls of cold milk to a smooth paste. Put a quart of buttermilk in a double boiler, and when nearly to the boiling point add the flour paste, and stir constantly until boiling. This is excellent for nervous dyspepsia.

Substitute For Milk No. 1

Beat the yolks of two eggs with one teaspoonful of sugar for five minutes; add one tablespoonful of orange flower water, and beat five minutes longer. Pour in one teacupful of boiling water gradually, stirring all the time, and serve at once.

Substitute For Milk No. 2

Allow one new-laid egg to a breakfast cupful of tea or coffee. Beat the egg well, strain it into the cup, and add the tea or coffee very gradually, stirring briskly all the time, so that it will not curdle.

Pasteurized Milk

Sterilize milk bottles for twenty minutes in boiling water. Fill bottles nearly full of milk, cork them with sterilized cotton, and put on a rack in a deep kettle of cold water. The water should be as high outside the bottles as the milk is inside. Heat until small bubbles appear upon the milk; then remove to the back of the stove and let stand fifteen minutes. Reduce the temperature quickly and when the milk is cold, remove from the kettle of water, and keep in a cool place.

Hot Malted Milk

Mix two tablespoonfuls of malted milk with an equal amount of milk to a smooth paste. Add hot water or milk, stirring all the time, and season with salt, a little white pepper, or celery salt. Serve with soda crackers.

Malted Milk And Oyster

Mix to a smooth paste one teaspoonful of malted milk with a little milk. Then add three table-spoonfuls of oyster juice and fill up the glass with hot milk. Season with salt and celery salt.

Malted Milk And Bouillon

Mix to a smooth paste a teaspoonful of malted milk with a little milk. Add two tablespoonfuls of beef bouillon and two tablespoonfuls of plain tomato bouillon. Fill up the glass or mug with hot water. Stir well.

Malted Milk And Orange

Into a shaker put one tablespoonful of malted milk, break in one or two eggs, and add eight tablespoonfuls of rich milk and a teaspoonful of orange syrup. Shake thoroughly and strain into a glass and fill with Vichy.

Hot Malted Milk And Orange

Mix two teaspoonfuls of malted milk with two tablespoonfuls of rich cream to a smooth paste. Add one tablespoonful of orange syrup and fill up the glass with hot milk. Put a spoonful of whipped cream on top with a little nutmeg.

Hot Malted Milk And Ginger

Mix to a smooth paste one tablespoonful of malted milk with a little cream. Add two table-spoonfuls of ginger syrup, and fill up with hot water.

Hot Malted Milk Eggnogg

Mix two tablespoonfuls of malted milk with a little hot water to a smooth paste. Beat one egg until light and add to the malted milk, and fill up the glass with hot water or milk. Flavor with vanilla or chocolate.

The Hamilton

Mix one and one half teaspoonfuls of malted milk with three tablespoonfuls of plain syrup, add the juice of one lemon and a spoonful of ice cream. Shake with ice, pour into tall glass and fill up with soda water.

Alhambra Shake

Mix in a glass one tablespoonful each of vanilla and strawberry syrups; add one egg, one half teaspoonful of malted milk, two or three dashes of acid phosphate, and fill to within two inches of the top with sweet milk. Shake well, strain into a clean glass, and add soda water and a grating of nutmeg.

The Jefferson

To one egg add two tablespoonfuls of vanilla syrup, six tablespoonfuls of sweet cream, and two and one half teaspoonfuls of malted milk. Shake well with a little ice, strain into a glass, and add soda water.