Strawberry Syrup No. 2

Mix one half ounce of tartaric acid, one half ounce of essence of strawberry, and two quarts of plain syrup. Color with tincture of solferino. Stir well together and bottle.

Pineapple Syrup No. 1

Add gradually to the beaten white of one egg a pint of cold water. Put this with three pounds of granulated sugar in a porcelain kettle, boil, and skim until clear. Cool. Grate enough pineapples to make three quarts of juice. Strain carefully. Boil the sugar syrup again for ten minutes, and add slowly the pineapple juice. Let it come to a boil, skim, and when thoroughly cold, bottle, cork, and seal with paraffin or sealing wax.

Pineapple Syrup No. 2

One half ounce essence of pineapple, one fourth ounce tartaric acid, and two quarts of plain syrup. Mix well and bottle.

Thrift Pineapple Syrup

When making jams or preserves save the parings and cores of pineapples. Wash well and chop fine, and use one whole pineapple as well. Cover with cold water and boil slowly for one hour. Strain through a jelly bag, and to each pint of juice add three quarters of a pound of sugar. Boil for ten minutes, skimming until perfectly clear. Fill hot sterilized jars to overflowing and seal.

Rose Syrup

Bring a quart of water to a boil and add one pound of rose leaves. Remove from the fire, cover, and let stand overnight. In the morning strain through a jelly bag, and boil in a double boiler with four pounds of granulated sugar until syrup is clear. Cool and bottle.

Violet Syrup

Violet syrup is made according to the recipe for rose syrup, using only the violet petals.

Sarsaparilla Syrup

Put three tablespoonfuls of sarsaparilla extract into a gallon jug and fill up with plain syrup. Color with caramel.

Peach Syrup

Peel and mash five pounds of peaches, and cook slowly in one quart of cider vinegar and one quart of water. Add a small piece of cinnamon and one ounce of whole cloves tied in a piece of muslin. When the peaches are cooked to a soft pulp strain through a cheesecloth, and add two and one half pounds of sugar and cook twenty minutes. Pour at once into sterilized jars and seal. The pulp may be made into peach butter.

Mint Syrup

Put a handful of mint leaves in a bowl and sprinkle with two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Bruise well and add one half pint of water to dissolve the sugar. Strain through cheesecloth, and add one pint strained honey, two teaspoonfuls of extract of vanilla, and two quarts of plain syrup. Bottle for use. This may be made into a delicious milk shake by putting two tablespoonfuls of the syrup in a glass, and adding enough milk to fill the glass, and an egg may be added to make an egg shake.

Blackberry Extract

To five quarts of blackberry juice, add ten pounds of sugar, five ounces powdered cinnamon, and two and one quarter ounces of mace. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Strain through a flannel bag, and bottle for use.