Escubac, "For Flavoring."

Cochineal 4 ozs.; catechu 5 ozs.; ambergris 1 gr.; raisins 1 lb. (bruised); anise seed, cloves, mace, and coriander seeds 1-2 oz.; 20 drops oil of cinnamon. All of the above solid ingredients should be well bruised or washed, and let them stand or digest in two lbs. of acetic ether, for two weeks, then strain through inuslin, and add one quart of clean spirit; this is used for flavoring bottled brandies; 5 ozs. to 10 gallons of clean spirits; this is also used for cordials, ice creams, beverages, etc. Small quantities are often added to the different brands of the whiskeys, combined with the ethers intended for them.


Nutmegs one pound, coriander seed one pound, bitter almonds two pounds, damaged raisins one hundred pounds, red beets, sliced, forty pounds. Allow these ingredients to digest for fourteen days in forty gallons of whiskey, and then strain off into a fresh barrel; then add to the strained liquor two pounds of acetic ether that has had two grains of ambergris, one ounce of oil of lemons, and one drachm of oil of cinnamon dissolved in it; then add half a pound of nitric ether. This is used for making or flavoring common New York double anchor, cognac, French brandy, and all of the lower brands of domestic brandy. The proportion is various, owing to the amount of grain oil present; the quantity may be stated at one quart to one gallon. Where persons wish to imitate brandy from whiskey, the above spirit will be found highly useful.