Cognac Brandy

One barrel of whiskey, say forty gallons, add tine ture of grains of paradise, one quart; powdered catechu, three ounces; mucilage of slippery elm bark, two thirds of a pint; oil of lemon, eighty drops; well rubbed in an ounce of dry white or brown sugar, and added to the liquor; then add six ounces of acetic ether. If this brandy is desired of a very deep color, it can be rendered so by the addition of a pint of the tincture of cochineal or sanders wood, and the same of burned sugar. For full particulars on Coloring, look under that head.

New York Brandt

Common rectified whiskey, forty gallons; water, six gallons; tincture of the grain of paradise, three quarts; decoction of strong tea, two quarts. Color with a quart of tincture of beet root, and one pint burnt sugar, then add nitric ether, five ounces, with fifteen drops of oil of wintergreen, dissolved in the ether.

The use of fine or delicate aromatics, such as oil of wine, orris root, etc, would be lost if added to a spirit containing fusil or grain oil.

Old Peach Brandy

Common rectified whiskey, forty gallons; tincture of grains paradise, three pints; powdered catechu, four ounces; mucilage of slippery elm, two thirds of a pint; take half a pound of hulled peach kernels or bitter almonds, and beat them to a powder, and allow them to infuse in a gallon of the whiskey for nine days, and then add sulphuric ether, one ounce; acetic ether, three ounces; oil of lemon, fifty drops; dissolve in the ether, one grain of ambergris well rubbed up in sugar, and the whole well mixed and colored as for other brandies. But the new mode consists of coloring this brandy yellow, with a half ounce, or more if the color is desired of a deeper yellow, with gamboge. If the whiskey used for this purpose, should be bright or clear of coloring, the brandy will be of a fine yellow color, but if the whiskey should be colored, as it usually is, the tincture of red Sanders wood and burnt sugar should be added to bring the spirit to the usual color of the common brandies, allowing the red color to predominate.

Apple Brandy

Common rectified whiskey, forty gallons; tincture of strong tea, half a gallon; sulphuric acid, one and a half ounces; acetic ether, five ounces, and ninety drops oil of wintergreen dissolved in ether. Color to a light brown with burnt sugar.

Cherry Brandy

Rectified whiskey, twenty gallons; tincture of grains of paradise, one gallon; powdered catechu, six ounces; water, sixteen gallons; refined sugar from forty to eighty pounds; sulphuric acid, four ounces. Oil of bitter almonds, one drachm; oil of lemon, half ounce; twenty drops oil of cinnamon - these oils are to be dissolved in four ounces of alcohol, and added. The sugar is to be dissolved in sixteen gallons of water. This is to be colored with one ounce of cochineal, to digest in a gallon of warm water for a few days, or until the coloring is completely extracted; then add two ounces of powdered alum, and then strain the infusion, and add it to the brandy. If this brandy was made with two and a half to three pounds of sugar per gallon, it will make a superior article of brandy, or if honey be substituted for sugar, in the same proportions.