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Books on Drinks and Beverages

Recipes and science behind beverages - alcoholic and non-alcoholic

-A Treatise On Beverages or The Complete Practical Bottler | by Charles Herman Sulz
Full instructions for laboratory work with original practical recipes for all kinds of carbonated drinks, mineral waters, flavorings extracts, syrups, etc.
-On Uncle Sam's Water Wagon | by Helen Watkeys Moore
500 recipes for delicious drinks, which can be made at home
-Drinks Of The World | by James Mew
From the Cradle to the Grave we need Drink, and we have not far to look for the reason, when we consider that at least seventy per cent of the human body is composed of water, to compensate the perpetual waste of which, a fresh supply is, of course, absolutely necessary. This is taken with our food (all solid nutriment containing some water), and by the drink we consume. But, as the largest constituent part of the body is fluid, so, naturally, its waste is larger than that of the solid; this fluid waste being enormous. Besides the natural losses, every breath we exhale is heavily laden with moisture, as breathing on a cold polished surface, or a cold day by condensing the breath, will show; whilst the twenty-eight miles of tubing disposed over the surface of the human body will evaporate, invisibly, two or three pounds of water daily. Of course, in very hot weather, or after extreme exertion, this perspiration is much more, and is visible.
-Tea, Coffee, And Cocoa Preparations | by Guilford Lawson Spencer
Adulteration of coffee, tea, and chocolate
-The Flowing Bowl - When And What To Drink | William Schmidt
Full instructions on how to prepare, mix, and serve beverages
-Burke's Complete Cocktail and Tastybite Recipes | by Harman Burney Burke
The recipes which follow are not specifically classified for serving with any particular kind of drink. One's own taste will in most instances be a sufficient guide to the fitness or desirability of food and drink combinations. Only the sweets may confuse or confound. Few recipes for sweets are given, as sugar with alcohol is like carrying coal to Newcastle. Fruits or cakes may be served with sweet wines without hazard; with hard or "dry" drinks the sweets should be avoided.
-Beverages And Their Adulteration Origin, Composition, Manufacture, Natural, Artificial, Fermented, Distilled, Alkaloidal And Fruit Juices | by Harvey W. Wiley
The continued favor which has been shown to my book entitled "Foods; and Their Adulterations" inspires the hope that this volume which is a companion to the food volume will receive equal support.
-Alcohol, Its Production, Properties, Chemistry, And Industrial Applications | by Charles Simmonds
In this volume has been collected information which, it is hoped, will be found useful to those persons - a numerous class - who have occasion to employ alcohol scientifically or industrially in their various callings. Widely scattered through scientific and technical literature are many facts and figures concerning alcohol, which in one way or another are of interest and importance not only to the professional chemist, the physicist, or the scientific investigator, but also to the manufacturer, the engineer, the technical student, the industrial research worker, and the user of a motor-car. To many among these it will, doubtless, be a convenience to have the various facts, or the most important of them, brought together and made readily accessible in a single volume such as the one now presented.
-Fermented Alcoholic Beverages, Malt Liquors, Wine, And Cider | by C. A. Crampton
Technical details about Cider, Wine and Malt Liquors Production
-The Manufacture Of Liquors, Wines, And Cordials, Without The Aid Of Distillation | by Pierre Lacour
Also The Manufacture Of Effervescing Beverages And Syrups, Vinegar, And Bitters. Prepared And Arranged Expressly For The Trade.

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