For ironing, the following equipment should be provided: a flat, firm, unwarped ironing-board or table, tightly covered with a blanket and clean sheet, securely fastened underneath; clean irons; an iron stand, which may well be a clean brick; two pieces of old cloth for cleaning irons; a piece of paper folded several times for testing irons; a piece of beeswax or paraffin tied in a cloth, for keeping irons smooth; a bowl of water and a clean cloth for moistening parts dried by exposure to air. A large paper should be spread or a basket placed under the ironing-board to receive the clothes while they are being ironed.

For ordinary ironing a good firm surface is desirable. A thin woolen blanket and an outside linen cover are sufficient. For embroideries or wool, a thick covering is better, because the fabric should sink into a soft foundation to bring out the pattern in one case and to give a soft finish in the other.