Lime is a necessary building material. Many dietaries are low in this substance. If it is not supplied in sufficient amounts, the bony structures of the body suffer and the welfare of other tissues is also interfered with. It is possible that the hard water of many localities helps to protect the body against the nutritive disaster of a lime-poor diet. This should not be depended on, however, Many children, and adults also, suffer from poor teeth because of a lack of lime in the diet.

The most valuable lime foods are: milk, the cheapest lime food (a glass of milk contains more lime than a glass of saturated solution of lime); cheese; and eggs.

Next in lime value are leaves and stems of plants, such as spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, celery, onions, cabbage. The disadvantage of using these latter foods as a main source of lime is that they are too bulky to be eaten in the needed amounts.