If the curtains are to be lined, allowance should be made for the heading at the top and, ordinarily, for 2 inches to be turned up at the bottom, that is, as much for making as in the unlined curtain.

If the curtains are to be finished with a gimp or fringe, 1 inch is enough to allow for making, since in this case the fining should come nearly to the edge.

For the lining, the same length should be allowed as for the curtain, minus the width of the heading. If the material is heavy, more must be allowed for the lining, since the outside is likely to sag. If the outside is considerably heavier than the lining, or if there is a difference in the elasticity of the two materials, the curtains should be sewed only at the top and allowed to hang for two or three weeks before finishing. Fiftyinch sateen suitable for lining curtains is to be found in the upholstery departments.