Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

Stir together two cups of sugar, three tablespoonfuls of cocoa or chocolate, and add one teaspoon of butter. When it boils, put in ten cents' worth of marshmallows, but do not stir. Boil five minutes. When done add one half cup of chopped English walnuts; beat well, pour into buttered pans; when cool cut into squares.

Vanilla Caramels

Put into blazer two cups of sugar, a cup of cream, and two generous tablespoonfuls of butter. Stir constantly, to prevent scorching, until a little of the boiling liquid will turn to a firm paste if dropped in ice-water. Remove from fire, stir in two tea-spoonfuls of vanilla extract, and beat hard for several minutes before turning into buttered tins to cool. Mark off into squares.

Pecan Candy

Boil one and a half cupfuls of coffee-crushed sugar in half a cupful of milk for ten minutes. Add a tablespoonful of butter, a cupful of chopped pecan nuts, and a little vanilla. This makes also a good cake frosting with the nuts sprinkled on top.

Walnut Candy

Boil about ten minutes, in the chafing-dish, one pound of brown sugar, one half a cup of milk, and a small piece of butter, stirring all the time. Remove from the fire; add vanilla and half a cup of chopped walnut meats; pour into a buttered pan, and before it is quite hard, cut into squares.


Two cups of granulated sugar and two squares of Baker's chocolate, one half cup of milk, one teaspoonful of vanilla, butter the size of a walnut. Boil nine minutes, remove from the heat, and cream by beating it; or to vary it, pour it over half a pound of marshmallows cut into pieces.

Peanut Candy

Cover a buttered pan with one and a half cups of chopped peanuts. Melt in the chafing-dish one and a half cups of sugar and pour over the nuts. Cool and mark into bars.

Nut Candy

Boil together three cups of brown sugar and one cupful of cream or milk till it becomes a soft ball in cold water; just before removing from the fire add a small piece of butter, a teaspoonful of vanilla, and one cup of chopped or ground nuts. When cooling, stir or beat till it hardens, put in a buttered pan, and cut into squares.


Boil together one and a half cups of light-brown sugar, half a cup of molasses, a tablespoonful each of vinegar and hot water, and a little salt. Cook till brittle if dropped into cold water; just before it is done, add butter as large as an egg, and when taken from the fire add one teaspoonful of vanilla. Pour into a buttered pan, and when half cool cut into squares.

Nicest Candy I Ever Ate

Three cups of brown sugar, one cup of milk, butter the size of an egg. Boil until it begins to harden in water, then add one cup of chopped walnuts. Beat till quite creamy, then pour into pans.