An Insertion

(Wider than the others.) Use No. 40 Coats's cotton. Chain 28 and catch into 8th stitch from the needle, making a loop.

First row - Chain 6 and catch back into third from needle, making a small picot. Chain 6 and catch back to make another picot. Chain 2 and fasten this to chain of 28, after skipping 4 stitches of chain. This makes a loop with 2 picots on it.

Repeat these picot loops making 3 in all, and fasten with a chain of 5 to the end of foundation chain of 28.

Second row - Turn, chain 8 and fasten into middle of chain 5. Make the picot loops (6 chain caught back for picot, 6 chain caught back for picot, 2 chain) and catch into middle of loop between the picots; finish this row with 5 chain into centre of 8 chain.

Third Row

- Turn, chain 8, and catch into middle of 5 chain, and repeat picot loops across.

The pattern can now be easily seen and fol-lowed.

Irish Crochet Rose

(A simple and easy rose to make.) Chain 6 and join in a ring; chain 6 and put one treble into this ring; repeat till there are six places for petals, the last chain of 4 being caught into first chain of six. First row of petals - Crochet into first space indicated or loop

1 double of four 5 trebles

1 double

Repeat till all six petals are made. Chain 7 and fasten in back of petals (between each one) for six petals.

Second row of petals - Crochet into loop

1 double of seven 9 trebles 1 double

Repeat in each loop till second row of six petals is made.

Chain 9 and fasten in back of second row of petals.

Third row of petals - Crochet into loop

1 double of nine 11 trebles 1 double

Repeat till third row of petals is complete.

If another row is desired, chain 11, and so on, increasing the chain 2 stitches and adding two more trebles each time.

Crocheted Shawl

This shawl is made of chains; the work begins in the centre and the meshes increase as the shawl grows in size.

Chain 5 to form a ring.

Chain 3, catch into ring; repeat till there are 4 loops in all.

Chain 1 and catch in back of next loop of chain 3, so as to start second row at top of the loop.

Second Row

- Chain 3, catch with a slip stitch, in the stitch started from; chain 3 and fasten in middle of next 3 chain; chain 3 and catch in same stitch for widening at the corner. Chain 3, catch into next loop, chain 3 and catch into same.

Continue in this way, being careful to widen in the same stitch at each of the four corners by crocheting twice in one loop.

When the centre is large enough, chain 5 instead of 3 for four or five rows, always widening at the corners.

The shawl may be finished with fringe tied in, or with a fringe made of long chains of equal length, or with scallops.

Crochet Rug

Cut unbleached cotton, either white or colored, into inch-wide strips, sew together as if for carpet rags, and crochet with a very big hook in circles or ovals. A cream-white one with a blue border makes a pretty rug for a bedroom and can be easily washed.

Use the double crochet stitch and widen often enough to make it lie flat.