After a contagious or infectious disease in a house, the housekeeper should be able to deal with the simpler means of disinfection. Always remember that killing the odor does not necessarily kill the germ; the smell may disappear and the danger be left. Bichloride of mercury - two tablets - and two gallons of water, will make a solution suitable for washing floors, mop-boards, or any woodwork. Sheets, towels, and napkins should soak for half an hour in a five per cent solution of carbolic acid and then be boiled in clear water half an hour. Boiling water is the best germicide known. Sunlight and outdoor air are also two splendid disinfectants.

After a house has been closed for some time, every faucet should be opened and the water allowed to run freely for not less than an hour. This is particularly necessary in the bathroom, though the kitchen should not be neglected. After this has been done, ammonia should be poured down and allowed to stay in the traps for a time. If the waste pipes have not been flushed, they may be full of poisonous gases.