Bee stings or stings of any insect. Apply to the spot as soon as possible ammonia and water, bruised or chewed catnip or plantain leaves, moistened cooking-soda or saleratus, or wet earth. Any of these remedies will ease the pain very quickly.

Bites of any domestic animal - dogs, cats, parrots, etc. - may be dangerous and should be washed at once and thoroughly in water and sulpho-napthol as hot as can be endured, wrapped in absorbent cotton, and saturated with alcohol, till the doctor or surgeon arrives.


Apply a solution of common baking-soda (one tablespoonful of soda to a glass of water), sweet oil, olive oil, carron oil (made of equal parts of lime water and linseed oil), or vaseline thickly spread on the spot. The object is to exclude the air and dust from the injured surface. If the clothing catches on fire, never run; lie down and roll, which will extinguish the flames. Throw a person down, wrap him in a rug, and roll till the fire is smothered.

Burns from gunpowder and electricity may be treated just as burns from fire.

Black Eye

To prevent a black eye, rub the injured part with butter and it will not turn color.


If meat or anything lodges in the throat and there is danger of choking, raise the left arm high above the head. This with the coughing will generally dislodge the object. A few quick blows with the open hand between the shoulder blades will often be enough. A child may be held up by the feet, head down; this with a few blows between the shoulders will jar and dislodge the foreign body if not too far down.


Any hot drink will soothe a cough. A teaspoonful of glycerine in a small glass of hot milk will arrest a severe attack of coughing.

A hot-water bag on the chest at night will soothe and relieve a cough or cold.

Flaxseed tea (for a cough and sore throat). Boil fifteen minutes two tablespoonfuls of whole flaxseed in a pint of boiling water. Cut up one lemon and add two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Strain the flaxseed boiling hot over the lemon and sugar and stir well.

The Best Thing In This Good Room Is Its Sunniness

The Best Thing In This Good Room Is Its Sunniness.


Make a tea of Irish moss and hot water, steep a long time; strain, flavor with lemon juice, and sweeten to taste.


A hot bath should be taken, followed by a cathartic; and the patient put to bed. One day in bed will often cure a bad cold. An effective modern remedy is a hypodermic treatment with the antitoxin derived from the streptococcus bacillus, the cause of colds. It promptly breaks up the trouble and prevents the sore throat and cough that otherwise may follow. Of course this treatment may be administered only by a physician.


Cramps in the limbs may be relieved by simply rubbing, or starting up the circulation by jumping out of bed. For cramps in the bowels caused by colic, apply flannels dipped in hot water. Heat alone will often relieve the pain. If colic cramps are very severe a warm enema is helpful.