English Plum Pudding

Three pounds of raisins carefully stoned, three pounds of currants carefully washed and dried, one pound of sultanas, three pounds of suet chopped fine, two and a quarter pounds of sugar, one and a half pounds of bread crumbs, one and a half pounds of flour, four ounces of sweet almonds chopped fine, fourteen eggs, three quarters of an ounce of mixed spices, one and a half ounces of bitter almonds (pounded), three-quarters of a pound of candied peel (shaved fine), two lemons (peel grated), three dessertspoons of salt, three quarters of a pint of brandy. This will make several good-sized puddings. Put the mixture into bowls, allow for swelling, and tie firmly in cloths. Boil for seven or more hours. This will keep and can be served six months after making.

Cafe Parfait (French)

Mix, chill, and whip one pint of thick cream, one cup of granulated sugar, and one half a cup of coffee. Pack in salt and ice three hours.


Whip till stiff a half pint jar of thick cream and its equivalent in milk. Add half a cup of sugar, a quarter of a cup of coffee, and one teaspoon of cocoa. This can be varied by adding to the sugar, till the cup is full, crushed strawberries, bananas, peaches, or any fruit in season, or a suitable flavoring. Pack in salt and ice and let stand three hours. (This will serve four people.)

East Indian mustard (a relish to bread and butter). A quarter of a pound of mustard, quarter of a pound of flour, half an ounce of salt, four shallots, four tablespoonfuls of vinegar, four tablespoonfuls of catsup, quarter of a bottle of anchovy sauce. Put mustard, flour, and salt into a bowl, and make into a stiff paste with boiling water. Boil the shallots with the vinegar, catsup, and anchovy sauce for ten minutes, and pour boiling hot over the mixture in the bowl; stir and reduce to proper thickness; put into bottle with a bruised shallot at the bottom and store for use. This is an excellent relish and will last for years.