Old potatoes, or any vegetables (when not new) are improved by soaking in cold water for several hours after paring.

Celery should be allowed to lie in cold water, to which a little salt has been added, for an hour before it is required for the table. This will make it very crisp.

Care Of A Burnt Saucepan

Unless absolutely necessary, do not scrape a burnt saucepan, but fill with cold water in which a little washing-soda has been put, and let it boil slowly on the back of the stove until the water is almost boiled away. Refill and boil again, then clean with a good stiff scrubbing-brush. Often wood ashes will hasten the work.

The best way to clean the inside of old pots and pans is to fill them with water in which a few ounces of washing-soda is dissolved, and set them on the fire. Let the water boil until the inside of the pot looks clean.

To Brighten Copperware

Crushed borax spread thickly on a flannel cloth, wet with hot water, and well soaped will brighten the copper like magic.

A pinch of baking-powder is an excellent substitute for soap when washing glasses. It gives the dainty polish sought by all good housewives.

To Clean Out Sink Drain

Should the sink drain chance to get choked, pour in one fourth of a pound of copperas dissolved in two parts of boiling water. If this is not efficacious, repeat before sending for a plumber.

Care Of Fruit Jars

When emptying fruit jars, wash thoroughly, rinse well, and drain. With a salt-shaker, shake salt two or three times into the jar, put on cover without rubber and screw on, or fasten tight. Another season, the jars will need only rinsing with cold water.

Canned Fruits And Meats

Before buying tinned fruits and meats, see if the top is flat or depressed. If the top has bulged out, the air has entered, and fermentation has set in.

Vinegar should not be kept in a stone jar; the acid may affect the glazing and the vinegar become unwholesome. Glass jars are best for vinegar.

When cutting new bread or cake, always put the knife in hot water first; you will find it facilitates the cutting.

Coffee sprinkled on raw fish will keep the fish odor from scenting the ice-chest. It can easily be washed off, and does not discolor the fish.

Substitute For Cream (Good On Fruit)

Beat together the whites of two eggs, a level table-spoonful of sugar, one tablespoonful of cornstarch, and butter the size of a nut. Stir in one half cup of cold milk, and beat very hard. Put a cup of cold milk over the fire; when it boils, draw the dish to a cooler part of the range and pour in the egg mixture.

Simmer till the milk thickens, and, when cold, strain.

Home-Made Baking-Powder

One half a pound of cream of tartar, one quarter of a pound of best baking-soda, one quarter of a pound of cornstarch; mix and sift three or four times, and pack into old baking-powder tins; use two rounding teaspoonfuls to a cup of flour.

Butter Without Ice

When the ice fails, try one of these methods of keeping the butter:

(1) Place a large earthenware bowl on the kitchen table, and in it place a small bowl upside down. On this inverted bowl put the butter dish containing sufficient butter for the next meal, wrapped in oiled paper. Over this spread a clean napkin, covering the small bowl and the edges resting on the bottom of the large bowl. Then fill the large bowl with fresh cold water up to the level of the butter plate. Put a heavy towel over the large bowl with ends wrapped around it. The butter will be firm in two hours.

(2) When not too soft, place a napkin around it, and completely bury it in the flour.

Uncarpeted Floors With Rugs Are Most Easily Kept Clean

Uncarpeted Floors With Rugs Are Most Easily Kept Clean.

The result will be as satisfactory as keeping it in an ice-chest.

(3) To keep butter cold, put it in a covered dish; cover with a wet cloth and set in a draft of air.

(4) To keep butter, fill a bowl with cold water. Put the butter on a plate, put on top of the bowl, then take a piece of muslin or cheese-cloth or a napkin and put over the butter and let both ends drop into the water. You can easily get the butter for use, and you will find it quite solid and cold.