Care Of The Stove

Before polishing the stove, wash it with vinegar. This removes all grease, leaving the surface smooth, and keeps the blacking from burning off so quickly, saving much time and labor. A little sugar added to the blacking is a good thing to try.

To Clean The Nickel On Stoves And Ranges

Take a woolen cloth, wipe the soot from the bottom of the tea-kettle, and with this rub the nickel. If there is grease or other dirt, first remove this with a damp cloth rubbed well with soap.

Zinc is best cleaned with hot soapy water, then polished with kerosene and coal ashes.

Heat In The Oven

Always keep the stove clear from ashes and dust in every part, or the oven will be cold, no matter how good the draft, or how much coal is used.

A hotter oven is required for bread, rolls, and sponge cake, when mixed with water, than when milk is used.

When cake rises in a point and cracks open, the oven is too hot.

A cup of water placed in the bottom of the oven will prevent things from burning.

Perforated covers for the frying-pan will prevent the grease from spattering on the stove. The holes allow the steam to escape and do not prevent the food from browning. Any lid that will fit the frying-pan may easily be perforated at home, with a nail, or any sharp tool, and a hammer.

To Keep Things From Boiling Over

If the edge of the saucepan is well buttered, cocoa, chocolate, candy, or anything of the kind will not boil over.

Salt In A Double Boiler

The contents of the inner vessel of a double boiler will cook much more rapidly if the water in the outer compartment is salted in the proportion of half a cup of salt to two quarts of water.

Salt sprinkled on any substance burning on the stove will stop the smell.

To Improve Griddle Cakes

A teaspoonful of brown sugar or molasses added to the griddle cake batter makes it brown better and more easily.

Baking Apples

When baking apples, prick the skin with a fork, and they will cook without bursting.

Measuring Butter

A tablespoonful of melted butter is measured after melting. A tablespoonful of butter melted is measured before melting.

Rub sweet butter over the top of bread after taking from the oven, and wrap in a bread towel, to make a rich and soft crust.

Salt will curdle milk; therefore in preparing milk toast, sauce, scrambled eggs, or anything with a milk foundation, do not add salt till it is taken from the fire.

Soft Custard

When making soft custard, if the custard curdles when it is done, set in a pan of ice water and beat with a Dover beater, and the custard will become smooth and creamy.

Milk will keep sweet longer in a shallow pan than in a pitcher.

Beating Eggs

To beat the whites of eggs quickly, add a pinch of salt.

When an egg is beaten for fish or croquettes, add one tablespoonful of water, and it goes further.