Cooked candy is the better; but uncooked candy, using confectioner's sugar, is much easier to make. A clear day is necessary to secure the best results. Boiling the syrup is the hardest part, and is the secret of all good candy-making. Granulated sugar is preferable for cooked candies; the candy is coarser grained if stirred while boiling; butter should not be added till the candy is almost done. Flavorings and colorings must always be added after the candy is taken from the fire. The fruit juices - strawberry, lemon, orange, and pineapple - are the best flavorings. Colorings may be made from different berries and vegetables. Beets will yield a dark red color; strawberries or cranberries, a delicate pink; spinach, a delicate green; a grated carrot or the yolk of an egg will furnish yellow.