Tomato Cups

When used raw for salads or cold dishes, remove the skin and take out the centres; but if cooked, the skin is needed to keep them in shape.

Tomato Curry

Put in a baking-dish six tomatoes cut in halves or sliced thick; pour over them the following sauce: melt two tablespoons of butter, add one of flour, mix well, then add one cup of milk, one teaspoon of curry, a dash of pepper, two teaspoons of salt. Bake in the oven till tomatoes are done.

Baked Egg-Plant

Boil The Egg-Plant For An Hour. Cut in halves, take out the pulp, leaving a shell to be used later. Chop the pulp, season well, fill the shells, cover with bread crumbs and bits of butter and bake half an hour. Chopped mushrooms are delicious added to the mixture.

Macaroni And Tomato

Have plenty of salted water bubbling when the macaroni is dropped in. When the sticks are tender, throw in a glass of cold water to stop the boiling at once; then drain and rinse in cold water.

Cook the macaroni as above, and between the layers spread the thick part of a can of tomatoes and a sprinkling of rolled bread or cracker crumbs. Over all pour the juice of the tomatoes, with a thicker sprinkling of crumbs, and dots of butter on top. Bake half an hour and serve piping hot. (Macaroni must never stop boiling until it is done.)


Parboil turnips twenty minutes in water with a little baking-soda; throw away this water and add fresh, cooking till tender. This will make the turnip very tender and of better flavor. Turnips must all be peeled before cooking.

Cucumbers, indigestible to many people, become a safe and delicate vegetable when cooked.

Boiled Cucumbers

Peel, cut in halves or quarters (lengthwise), put into salted boiling water; boil till tender, but not too soft, about twenty minutes. They may be served with butter and seasoning like vegetable marrow, or with a cream sauce on toast. Lemon juice and a dash of paprika added to the cream sauce will make a pleasant variation in flavor.

Baked Cucumbers

Cut in halves and boil until almost tender; place in a baking-dish, pour over them a cream sauce, cover the top with bread crumbs and bits of butter. Bake twenty minutes.


The onion is very nutritious, being rich in nitrogen, and is also antiseptic. Onions may be stuffed and baked, boiled and served in cream sauce, or with butter, or milk.

Apples and onions, baked in layers with a little butter, pepper and salt, and water enough to keep from burning, are a delicious dish.

Baked Cabbage

Cut a cabbage in quarters, take out the coarse stalk; cook fifteen minutes in boiling water, adding a pinch of soda to the water. Drain; add more boiling water and cook till tender, then chop fine. Turn into a baking-dish, pour over it a cream sauce, sprinkle over the top bread crumbs with butter, or cheese if preferred, and bake in a slow oven till brown.

Cauliflower may be cooked as above.

Mushrooms Creamed

Peel, wash, and scrape the stems; cover with salted water and boil ten minutes. Prepare a cream sauce by rubbing a tablespoonful of flour into a heaping tablespoonful of melted butter, stirring into this a cup of hot milk. Drain the mushrooms, add the cream sauce, and season with pepper and salt.

Mushrooms Baked

Peel And Cut Off The Stems. Put a layer in the bottom of a buttered baking-dish; pour over them some melted butter, a little lemon juice, salt and pepper; next a layer of mushrooms; cover and bake ten minutes in a hot oven.

Mashed Chestnuts

Boil the chestnuts till tender; peel off the brown skin; mash like potatoes, adding butter, salt and pepper, and milk or cream.