Cheese Fondu

Two cups of mild cheese cut in small pieces, one cup of cracker crumbs, two cups of milk, two eggs well beaten, salt, pepper, and mustard to taste. Mix and bake twenty minutes or half an hour.


Cook one cup and a half of Lima beans half an hour in slightly salted water; drain, and add the corn cut from six ears, a cupful of water, salt and pepper to taste. When the corn is tender, add a cupful of milk and butter to suit; if desirable add a little flour to thicken. This dish can be made from canned corn and beans, but is not as delicious as when made of the fresh vegetables.

Old Colony succotash (Plymouth and Cape Cod). Add green corn, either fresh or canned, to beans half and half, and bake as beans usually are baked. Butter may take the place of pork. This is the original succotash as learned by the Pilgrims from the Indians.

Bread Omelet

Soften two rounding table-spoonfuls of bread crumbs in six tablespoon-fuls of milk or cream. When soft, mash to a paste, then season to taste. Beat four eggs together, add the bread crumbs, cook in a hot buttered frying-pan, fold over, and serve.

Bread And Cheese Omelet

Beat light five eggs and add to them one half a cup of bread crumbs soaked to a pulp in three quarters of a cup of milk and four tablespoonfuls of cheese. Fry to a delicate brown like any omelet, remembering that bread crumbs are likely to scorch.

Baked Bread And Cheese

Lay in a well-greased baking-dish thin slices of bread (not too dry) lightly buttered, and cover with bits of broken cheese, no matter how old or dry it is. Season to taste, filling the dish with alternate layers of bread and cheese. Beat two eggs, add one pint or more of milk and pour over the bread and cheese. Bake in a good oven.

Stewed Lentils

Wash two cups of lentils in cold water, set on the fire in two quarts of cold water, with butter, sliced onions, chopped parsley, and a little salt. Simmer about two hours and then drain through a sieve. Stir the lentils for ten minutes in a stewpan with two tablespoons of butter mixed with one of flour. Serve on a flat dish with a border of mashed potatoes.

Corn Pie

One can of corn, or its equivalent in fresh corn, two eggs beaten light, one cup of sweet milk, one tablespoonful of butter, pepper and salt to taste. Bake in a moderate oven till brown.

Green corn oysters (a good meat substitute). To one pint of green corn pulp add salt and pepper to taste, two well-beaten eggs, and flour enough to hold the pulp together. Saute by spoonfuls in frying-pan, first on one side and then the other. Serve hot.

Corn Fritters

Chop (not grind) fine one can of corn, add salt and pepper to taste, one egg beaten well, a small piece of butter, one half a cup of milk, and two cups of flour sifted with one teaspoon of baking-powder. When smooth, fry in little cakes and serve in place of meat.