Pique Hat For A Baby

Make a circle eleven and one half inches in diameter with a pencil and cord, or with a dinner plate. Mark a circle in the centre of this small circle, and you have the rim of the hat, which may be finished with embroidered scallops. Bind the inner edge with white muslin or tape and sew on buttons about two inches apart.

Pique Hat For A Baby 23

For the crown, make a circle nine inches in diameter; finish the edge with scallops; make as many buttonholes as you have buttons (possibly eight); they must be three inches apart, and quite near the edge. Button the two pieces together and sew on muslin ties.

A Work-Apron For Men

This is practically a surgeon's apron, but if made of denim or coarse colored linen, it is suitable for any kind of work. It will take one yard of material twenty - seven inches wide, or if the goods is a yard wide, it may be made with the width of the goods for the length of the apron. Find the middle of the top and measure each way four and one half inches, making nine inches in all. From the bottom of the goods towards the top, measure twenty-four inches, and fold from this point in a slanting line to the nine-inch measure. A strap an inch wide and twenty-three inches long is made of the goods and sewed at each corner of the top, to go over the neck. Two other straps to tie are attached to the opposite corners of the slant. A pocket may be added if desired.

A Work Apron For Men 24

Home-Made Towels

Fourteen yards of damask toweling will make one dozen towels. Six of these may be hemstitched and six embroidered with scallops. Each towel should be cut forty-two inches long, which will leave plenty of room for a hem or a scalloped finish.

A pin-cushion (a miniature mattress). This cushion requires three eighths of a yard of flowered ribbon five inches wide, and a yard and a quarter of an inch wide, to match the dominant color in the wider ribbon. Cut the wide ribbon into two equal parts to make the mattress-like cover; fasten these together by sewing the narrow ribbon around three sides, leaving one end open. Into this opening slip as many layers of wool wadding as it will easily take. Sew the end which has been left open, and tuft the mattress with a colored embroidery silk to match the narrow ribbon. If desirable to hang this cushion, sew some of the narrow ribbon to the upper corners. Filled with colored pins it makes a very pretty and a useful present at any season.

Have The Back Door As Attractive As The Front Door

Have The Back-Door As Attractive As The Front-Door.


This bag can also be used for soiled linen. Take three yards of percale and fold in thirds, stitch the sides and bottom together, and put a piece of curtain stick eighteen inches long in a hem at the top. In the middle of the two outside pieces make a slit about nine or ten inches long, and you have two compartments, one on each side of the centre yard.


Cover with silk or cretonne two circular pieces six inches in diameter for the bottom of the bag. Cut a piece twenty-seven inches long and twelve inches wide, sew this together and gather one side over a small embroidery hoop for the top. Sew the other side, either gathered or plaited, to one of the circular pieces; the second circular piece is put inside and will cover all the raw edges. This bag is closed by twisting the ring at the top, and is good not only for work, but for handkerchiefs or collars.


Cut two circles of any material twelve or fifteen inches in diameter, stitch these partly together wrong side out and turn, sewing the rest by hand. Firmly sew brass rings about three inches or less apart all around the edge, run a ribbon through, and so draw up the bag, which can be opened flat, when hunting for a sizable button.

A simple way of cutting collars and yokes that will fit. Lay a plain waist-lining, with the shoulders basted on a paper, cut around the neck down the front and back. Trace with a wheel on this paper a collar or any shape yoke desired.

1 is a collar; 2 a deeper collar or round yoke; 3 a square yoke. Sewing in sleeves. An easy way to put sleeves in a dress or shirt-waist. Trim out the arm-size to fit, take a tape measure and measure one inch back from shoulder seam.

Button Bag 26

Double the arm-hole; where it comes opposite, cut a notch. Put the inside seam of sleeve at this notch, gathering the sleeve two inches back from the shoulder seam and four inches toward the front.