Crab-Apple Jelly

(Make in September and

October.) This is one of the easiest jellies to make, using the general rule.

Green-Grape Jelly

(Make in September and October.) Gather grapes just as they are turning; pick over, stem, put in kettle with one cup of water, and cook slowly for half an hour. Strain through a jelly bag; measure and allow one and a half cups of sugar to two cups of juice. Boil rapidly twenty minutes, add the heated sugar, stir till dissolved, then boil briskly for three minutes. Pour into tumblers and stand two days; then cover.

Green-Apple Jelly

Wash and core, but do not peel, any green apples. Cover with water and cook till soft, then drip in a jelly bag all night. Add as much sugar as juice, and boil fifteen minutes. A bunch of elderberries will make the jelly red and will not injure the flavor.

Apple jelly of any kind of apples may be made more delicious by flavoring with rose-geranium leaves, as our grandmothers did their apple pies.

Apple Ginger

Four pounds each of apple and sugar; make a syrup of the sugar by adding one pint of water. Chop apples fine with one ounce of green ginger, or use white ginger root. Put into the syrup with the grated rind of four lemons. Boil slowly two hours or till clear.

Quaker Apple Sauce, Or Cider Apple Sauce

Boil a kettle of sweet cider till it is reduced two thirds; add half as much molasses as the reduced cider, and put into this as many pared, cored, and quartered apples as the liquid will cover; cook slowly till of a thick brown color and all mushy.

Green-Grape Jam

Jam is made of green grapes by rubbing through a colander, and then a sieve, instead of straining. Add the sugar, boil fifteen minutes, and stir all the time to keep from burning.

Grape jelly is made like green-grape jelly; it is firmer and better if a few green grapes are mixed with the ripe ones.

Orange Marmalade (1)

(Can be made in any season.) Pare the oranges and soak the peel in salted water forty-eight hours, one table-spoonful of salt to a quart of water. Then boil in fresh water, changing it once, until the peel is tender. With a spoon remove the white inside of the peel and throw it away. Cut the rind in narrow strips, cut the oranges fine (removing the seeds), and mix with the rind; add one cup of the sugar to one cup of the mixture, boil thirty or forty minutes, and then pour into glasses.

Orange Marmalade (2)

Six oranges sliced thin and two lemons. To each cup of fruit add three scant cups of cold water, and let it stand forty-eight hours; then boil till the rind is tender. Drain juice from rind, and to every cup of juice add one and a half cups of sugar; boil juice and sugar until it nearly jellies; add rind and boil until it jellies.

Amber Jelly

Grind coarsely one grapefruit, one orange, and one lemon, removing only the seeds and tough centres; stand all night in an earthen bowl with three times its quantity of water. Next day boil ten minutes, stand one more night, and the last day add sugar to the fruit, bowl for bowl, and cook till it jellies.