Onion Salad

Chop (not mince) a large Spanish onion, dress it as liked best, then freeze slightly, not solidly, but just enough so that it will be cold and delightfully crisp.

Onion And Bean Salad

Peel and slice three medium-sized onions and let them stand in cold water half an hour. Then drain, dry on a napkin, cut in small pieces, and mix with two cups of cold baked beans. Serve with French dressing on lettuce leaves and garnish with stoned olives and slices of hard-boiled eggs.

Okra Salad (Boiled)

Select young pods, cut off the stem ends, boil till tender in salt water. Drain well; pour over them when cold a French dressing, and serve.

Okra Salad (Raw)

Cut young pods thin, sprinkle with salt and pepper, serve with alternate layers of okra and sliced onion, with a French dressing.

Orange Salad

(1). Slice four good-sized oranges, not over-sweet, in very thin slices, removing carefully all the seeds. Rub a salad bowl with garlic, and line the bowl with crisp young lettuce leaves, place the orange in the centre, and pour over all a French dressing. Then serve immediately.

Orange Salad (2) - For Dessert

Peel half a dozen oranges, cut in slices a quarter of an inch thick, remove the seeds and pith in the centre, put the fruit in a deep dish with the juice made by peeling and the thin yellow rind of one orange. Arrange in the dish, sprinkling with plenty of granulated sugar, and pouring over all a wine glass of curacao.

Blood oranges make a delicious salad, pleasing to the eye.

Orange And Banana Salad

Slice bananas and oranges very thin, using them in the proportion of one orange to three bananas. Arrange on lettuce leaves, and use the boiled salad dressing.

Orange Mint Salad (For Dessert)

Peel and remove the pulp from four large oranges; sprinkle with two tablespoonfuls each of sugar and chopped mint, one tablespoonful each of sherry wine and lemon juice. Chill by packing a short time in ice and salt. Serve in sherbet glasses, garnishing each glass with a sprig of mint.

Oyster Salad (1)

Parboil one pint of oysters till the edges curl, drain and cool, then cut into pieces. Mix with this one cucumber sliced or cut lengthwise and seasoned to taste. Serve on water cress with any of the cream dressings.

Pear Salad (1)

Little seckel pears, peeled, cut in half, and cored make a delicious salad. Serve with French dressing on leaves of lettuce. Cherries are sometimes used with them.

Pear Salad (2)

Core, pare, and peel any pear not too ripe and soft. Serve on lettuce leaves with a French dressing. If desired, chopped nuts may be added.

Alligator Pear

Aquacate avoca, or avocado, the delicate tropical fruit known as "alligator pear," can be found in the market early in April, but is cheaper and more plentiful later in the season. Peel, cut in cubes or thin slices, and serve with French dressing. (Mayonnaise will spoil it for a true epicure.)