Chicken Sandwich

Spread the bread lightly with butter, then a layer of the white meat of the chicken and a small white leaf of lettuce, with a dash of mayonnaise; or chop the chicken fine and mix with a mayonnaise; this may be spread between slices of unbuttered bread; the mayonnaise makes it rich enough.

Chicken And Cheese Sandwich

Mix to a paste two tablespoonfuls of cheese and one tablespoon of butter; spread this upon thin slices of bread, and lay on this either chopped chicken or thin slices of the white meat.

Chestnut Sandwich

Boil the nut till tender, peel and take off the brown skin, rub through a wire sieve, add a dash of salt, and spread between slices of buttered bread.

Chocolate Sandwich (Sweet)

Mix till smooth five tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, two of Baker's cocoa, two of boiling water, and half a teaspoon of vanilla. When cool spread between slices of bread, or thin water biscuits.

Cocoanut Sandwich (Sweet)

Dissolve over heat one rounding tablespoonful of butter and two tablespoonfuls of sugar; when cool, add two tablespoonfuls of grated cocoanut, the juice of a lemon, and two well-beaten eggs. This must be cold when used for sandwiches.

Cream Sandwich

Whip half a cup of cream till stiff; then add a dash of pepper, celery salt, and a teaspoon of lemon juice, and spread between thin slices of bread.

Cream mixed with any kind of jam in equal quantities is most delicious.

Cucumber Sandwich (1)

Cut a cucumber very thin; let it stand in French dressing for half an hour; then drain, and place between two slices of bread; or chop cucumbers fine and mix with mayonnaise.

Cucumber Sandwich (2)

Cut the cucumber lengthwise in thin shavings; stand half an hour in ice-cold water; drain dry; dress with mayonnaise, and lay between two slices of graham or white bread.

Currant Jelly Sandwich (1)

Beat together till smooth one half a cup each of currant jelly and peanut butter; then spread on thin slices of bread.

Currant Jelly Sandwich (2)

Mix Neuchatel or home-made cottage cheese with currant jelly till it is smooth and quite pink. Spread between slices of white bread, and cut in fancy shapes. This is most suitable for afternoon teas.

Egg Sandwich

Boil the eggs hard; when cool, shell and chop fine; add a little butter, pepper, and salt, or a little salad dressing to make the mixture soft and easy to spread. Spread on slices of white or brown bread.

Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Mix well together the yolks of three hard-boiled eggs and one tablespoonful of butter; season to taste; add any kind of grated cheese and spread on white bread and butter.

Fig Sandwich (Sweet)

Mix and cook till right to spread one cup of finely chopped figs, one third of a cup each of sugar and water, one tablespoonful of lemon juice. When cold, it is ready to use on thin wafers or thin slices of bread.