Ginger Sandwich

Cut preserved ginger as thin as possible, and use with white crisp leaves of lettuce between the slices of bread.

Graham Bread Sandwich

Equal quantities of ground raisins and walnuts are delicious between thin slices of graham bread; also dates ground or cut fine, either alone, or mixed with cream cheese.

Lettuce Sandwich

A most popular sandwich at afternoon teas is made by putting between thin slices of buttered bread a crisp leaf of lettuce well dressed in mayonnaise. Nasturtium leaves can also be used in this manner. They give a deliciously pungent flavor to a sandwich.

Lemon Honey For Sweet Sandwiches

Cook in a saucepan one cup of sugar, the juice and grated rind of one lemon, the yolks of three eggs, the beaten white of one egg, and three tablespoonfuls of butter. When smooth it is ready to use, and makes a delicious filling for sandwiches.

Marshmallow Sandwich

Put between thin slices of well-buttered white bread a layer of sliced marshmallows, sprinkled if desired with nuts ground fine. It is just as good without the nuts.

Onion Sandwich

Chop two good-sized onions and one pickle very fine; mix with mayonnaise and serve between slices of white or brown bread.

Olive Sandwich

Chop fine the large green olives, mix with mayonnaise, and place between biscuits or white bread. Chopped stuffed olives and cream cheese with mayonnaise, served between slices of whole wheat bread, are most delicious.

A Sunshiny Kitchen Is The Best Kitchen

A Sunshiny Kitchen Is The Best Kitchen.

Pimola Sandwich

Cut or chop pimolas (olives stuffed with sweet pepper) very fine, mix with mayonnaise, and spread between slices of bread, using a leaf of lettuce if desired.

Raisin Sandwich (1)

Cook till thick one half cup each of chopped raisins and walnuts, one third of a cup of sugar, and one half a cup of boiling water, then add one tablespoonful of lemon juice. When cool it is ready to use.

Raisin Sandwich (2)

Remove the seeds from raisins cut in halves, lay closely together on thin slices of bread well buttered, or grind the seeded raisins fine, and spread between butter thins or any thin unsweetened wafer.

Picnic Sandwich

Buy the finger roll, cut or tear out the middle, and fill the centre with any solid sandwich mixture desired, or a salad of some kind.

Sweet Pepper Sandwich

Soak the peppers a while in cold water (if too strong); then chop fine and mix to a paste with cream cheese and mayonnaise. Spread on thin slices of brown bread with all crust removed.

Sardine Sandwich

Bone and skin the sardines, sprinkle with lemon juice and spread on slices of brown bread. Smoked sardines are preferable.

Peanut Butter And Cheese Sandwich

Mix peanut butter and cream, thinned to right consistency with sour milk, and spread on white bread, or between any thin unsweetened wafers.