The secret of a sandwich is in the making. The bread if white should be firm, fine-grained, and surely one day old. Brown bread may be used the day it is made. To make sandwiches, melt or soften the butter a little, take the loaf of bread in one hand, butter it, cut off as thin a slice as possible, butter again, and so on. Spread with the filling which is made ready, lay on the second slice, or even a third; press together, and then cut off all the crust, or cut into fancy shapes, always leaving out the crust in making a delicate sandwich. Sandwiches should never be made long before serving. If they must stand, wrap them in thick brown paper, and over this put a doubled napkin wrung out in cold water. Waxed paper will keep them moist for a long time when traveling.

Rolled Sandwiches

For making rolled sandwiches, use fresh bread, - bread that is even twenty-four hours old will break. Cut in thin slices and spread with butter warmed slightly so as not to crumble the bread, or with a mayonnaise dressing. Lay on a lettuce leaf, or other filling, then roll up, fasten with a wooden toothpick, and put in a deep dish. Cover as before directed, and before serving remove the toothpick.

Beef Sandwich

To one cup of finely chopped raw roast beef add tomato catsup or Worcestershire sauce to taste; blend together with a teaspoonful of melted butter. Spread on either whole wheat or white bread and cut into triangles or any fancy shape if desired.

Baked-Bean Sandwich (1)

Mash cold baked beans to a smooth paste; season with tomato catsup or mustard; spread on either whole wheat or white bread, and cut into triangles or any fancy shape.

Baked-Bean Sandwich (2)

Mash cold baked beans to a smooth paste, season with tomato catsup or mustard, spread between buttered bread, either graham, brown, or white. If one likes onion, a few drops of onion juice makes a pleasant addition to the flavor.

Banana Sandwich

Butter, and cut into rounds, white or whole wheat bread; cover with thin slices of banana; add a dash of salt and sugar and a little lemon juice; then add the second round to complete the sandwich.

Brown Bread And Water-Cress Sandwich

The bread should be well buttered, and only the water-cress leaves used. The cress being pungent gives a delicious flavor to the sandwich.

Brown Bread And Cheese Sandwich

Cut or grind green olives quite fine and mix with cream or Neuchatel cheese; spread thickly between thin slices of brown bread.

Brown And White Bread Sandwich

One slice of brown bread and one of white, with any salad mixture between, makes an attractive sandwich. Another variation is made by taking three thin slices of bread, two of brown and a thin white one in the middle, using either a sweet mixture or something more solid for filling, the kind of a sandwich depending upon whether it is to be used for an afternoon tea or a picnic.