Cold Cream (Simple And Inexpensive)

Heat four ounces of almond oil in the double boiler; add one ounce each of spermaceti and white wax. When melted, beat till almost cool. To this mixture add four ounces of rose-water and twenty drops of benzoin (each separately, but drop by drop), beating till quite cold.

This may be converted to cucumber cream by adding two tablespoonfuls of cucumber juice instead of the rosewater and benzoin.

A Harmless Cosmetic Or Cold Cream

Heat in a double boiler six ounces of oil of sweet almond, two ounces of lanolin, one ounce of white wax, and one ounce of spermaceti; stir well till ingredients are dissolved and mixed. Remove from fire, beat with egg-beater till cold, and during the beating process add two teaspoonfuls of simple tincture of benzoin and a drop or two of attar of roses. Put in little jars and keep in cool place till cold and firm. It is healing and whitening, and gives a soft texture to the skin.

Buttermilk As A Cosmetic

There is nothing better for tan, freckles, sunburn, or moth spots than fresh buttermilk applied at night with a soft cloth or sponge. Wash off in the morning, and repeat several nights; one ap- . plication would have no effect. Buttermilk will also keep the hands soft and smooth.

Oatmeal As A Lotion

Pour boiling water on a bag of oatmeal, stand a while, press gently, pour off the clear liquid, and add bay rum to suit. This is excellent for the face and hands.

Watermelon Lotion

The water from the watermelon is most soothing to the face, and it is claimed that if applied continuously it will often remove freckles.

Cucumber Lotion

Mix together and stand overnight three tablespoonfuls of cucumber juice and three of alcohol; add slowly, the next day, one tablespoonful of oil of almonds and ten drops of benzoin. This is recommended for sunburn and freckles. Cucumber water is made by cutting up three large cucumbers, skin and all, and steeping in half a cup of water over a slow fire till pulp is soft; then straining.

Even The Simplest Dining Room May Be Sunny

Even The Simplest Dining-Room May Be Sunny.

Witch-Hazel Jelly

Three parts of witch-hazel, one part of benzoin, and one of glycerine, well mixed.

Cracked And Sore Lips

Any one whose lips are constantly cracked and sore needs a tonic, or alterative; for without doubt it indicates that the blood is not right.

When there is a slight eruption on the lips, they should be bathed with a weak solution of alum water before applying cold cream.

Spirits of camphor will help cracks or fever blisters. By itself it becomes irritating, but after the alum solution it is effective applied to a raw place; the alum prevents the camphor from drying the sensitive surrounding skin.

When a cold-sore or fever-blister is fully developed, a grain of permanganate of potash dissolved in a tablespoonful of rosewater may be used. Many times fever-blisters could be prevented if grease, in the shape of mutton tallow or cold cream, were applied as soon as inflammation is felt.

To Prevent Nail-Biting

Procure a tube of liquid court-plaster. After cleaning the hand thoroughly, apply a drop to each finger tip, spreading over the top of the nail. Allow this to dry a few minutes before using the hands. Renew applications each day. Soak previous plaster away, and encourage the child by talking of the improved appearance of the nails and the evil of biting them.

Home-Made Toilet Water

Use any essence desired; oil of lavender or rose, for instance. About twenty-five drops will perfume five pints of water. Into each one or two half-gallon jars put a funnel lined with filter paper, with a bunch of cotton at the bottom. On top of this cotton put some finely powdered magnesia, over which has been poured the perfume essence. It should be divided and half the quantity put into each jar. Pour into each jar some rainwater, or ordinary boiled water. This will filter through the cotton, paper, and magnesia, and make a soft toilet water with a delightful fragrance.

Jasmine Toilet Water

Home-made jasmine water is very refreshing. To make a gallon, take a quart of spirits of cologne and put it into a gallon jug; add half an ounce of the oil of jasmine. Let it stand two weeks. Fill with the best alcohol, and let it stand two weeks or more.

Lavender Water

A delightful toilet water is made of white wine vinegar and lavender flowers. Steep handfuls of the lavender in the vinegar. Keep the jar for three days in a warm place on the back of the stove, after which strain and bottle.

Toilet Soap

For toilet soap, dissolve one can of lye in one quart of water. Try out five pounds of mutton tallow until perfectly pure. Have the grease as cool as it can be without congealing; then pour it, a few drops at a time, into the dissolved lye, beating constantly. Stir into the mixture four ounces of glycerine and one half an ounce of oil of ber-gamot, or oil of lavender, as preferred. Oil of geranium also gives a pleasant perfume. When all the ingredients are blended, beat in two tablespoonfuls each of powdered borax and ammonia. Whip hard. Line a pan with paper and pour the soap into it.

Soap Cream

Dissolve a cake of castile soap in one quart of boiling water; simmer till like thick cream. Remove from the fire, and when almost cool, beat into this one half ounce of benzoin, a few drops at a time. This cleanses as well as whitens the skin.