Turkish Figs

Chop together very fine, one pound each of figs, dates, and walnuts. Then knead in as much confectioner's sugar as possible, anywhere from two to three cups. Roll out one fourth of an inch in thickness, cut with a small round cutter, and dip each in the confectioner's sugar.

Orange Drops

Grate the rind of one orange and squeeze the juice; add a pinch of cream of tartar. Stir this with enough confectioner's sugar to mould easily into balls.

Cream Dates

Remove stone from fresh California dates; fill the centres with French candy made as follows: white of one egg, equal quantity of lemon or orange juice, or water. Mix well and stir in confectioner's sugar till stiff enough to shape into balls.


Use equal quantities of figs, stoned dates, and English walnuts. Grind together fine in the meat-chopper, roll in a mass on a board dusted thick with confectioner's sugar. Cut into rounds and pack in boxes ready for use. To keep well, it should be about a quarter of an inch thick.

Various Sorts Of Mints

Mix confectioner's sugar with the white of one egg till the mixture can be rolled. Flavor a portion with lemon, and tint yellow; flavor some with win-tergreen, and color a delicate pink; make the third portion green, and flavor with vanilla and almond, using more vanilla than almond.

Fruit Paste

One pound each of figs, dates, and cherries, one half pound of nut meats, two cups of seeded raisins; put all through a chopper, turn on a board, and knead well with confectioner's sugar till you can roll it out one half an inch thick. Cut into pieces and roll in granulated sugar.

French Cream Candy

To the white of one egg add one tablespoon of cold water; beat in confectioner's sugar till no more can be added, - nearly a pound will be required. Make balls, and press half a nut meat on one or both sides, or fill stoned dates and roll the dates in granulated sugar. Chopped nuts may be added to the paste, also seeded raisins, and then small balls made and rolled in sugar.

Walnut Cream

Stir together one and a half cups of confectioner's sugar, the white of one egg, and an equal quantity of water until stiff enough to mould. Put a little ball of cream on half a walnut, place the other half on the other side, and roll in sugar.