How To Dress A Boar's Head

(An Ancient Christmas Dish).

After scalding off the hair from the head, and removing the snout, have it thoroughly cleaned and boned ; then place it in a deep pan, with the tongue and about two pounds of the boar's flesh, add a bundle of thyme, parsley, and sage, one eschalot, about two tablespoon-fuls of salt and a few peppercorns.; pour over the whole sufficient vinegar and water to cover the head, and let it stand three days; then drain it from the liquor and fill up in it every vacancy (made by withdrawing the bones) with the tongue and the neck, cut into very thin slices, and rolled together; when the head is filled, and its form perfected sew it up and tie it in a cloth.

Put it into a stewpan, with the liquor drained from the head, a few-cloves, one tablespoonful of salt, and a pint of sherry; let it simmer slowly for seven hours, then take it out, and when quite cold, remove the cloth and the stitches. Place it in a dish, glaze* it well, and stick in the tusks, put a lemon in its mouth, and serve it on a folded napkin, decorated with pieces of Christmas and rosemary.

How To Cook A Boar's Head

The following receipt for dressing a boar's head is a French one: - The head must be well singed, and rubbed with a piece of brick to remove the hair. Scrape it with a knife, and clean it well; bone it, and cut out the two jaw-bones, and take off the snout; slit it underneath, so that it may stick to the skin on the top, and take out the brain and tongue, and rub some salt into all the parts of the flesh. Put the head together again, wrap it up and tie it in a cloth, then put it into a saucepan of hot water, with some leaf-fat of a pig, two bay leaves, all kinds of sweet herbs, coriander, and aniseed, salt, nutmeg, and cloves pounded, some rosemary, and an onion. When half boiled add a quart of wine, and let the whole boil for twelve hours. When sufficiently boiled, let it cool in its own liquor. When cold, put it in a dish and serve it up. The tongue may also be boiled in the same liquor. Put a lemon in the mouth, and decorate with sprigs of rosemary and Christmas.

Boar's Head Sauce

Juice of two Seville oranges, one spoonful of mixed English mustard, four spoonfuls of currant jelly, a little pepper and salt, half a pint of port wine: mix all together and serve.

Christmas Recipes

1. Boars Head.