Gas Stoves

In cities where gas is used the use of gas stoves for cooking in hot weather is as a rule economical, and adds much to comfort, or rather saves much discomfort. Gas companies usually make a discount for gas consumed in cooking. There are many gas stoves in market, any of them excellent for the purpose.

Fly Trap

In spite of carefully screened windows, flies will make their way into the best kept houses. The trap represented here is the invention of a lady, and is a perfect success. It will clear a room of flies in a short time, if none are allowed to get in from out of doors. The flies are attracted inside the cage by bait and can't get out, and are "easily killed and trap set for more.

Kitchen Windows

Ought To Be As Cheerful, Light And Bright As Any Room In The House

If the sills are extra broad, and a few choice flowers thrive on them, so much the better. The ceilings should be of a cheerful tint, and the wood-work, whether oiled or painted, varnished. This protects the wood and paint, and it is easily cleaned. It is a mistaken idea to neglect the kitchen for the parlor.

Butter Rollers

- Two wooden paddles made in form of engraving are dipped into cold water, and a little pat of butter placed between them and rolled around until a little ball is formed, with a pretty network surface. These may be piled on the butter dish, or served on individual butter dishes at the plates.

A Grate Heater

One of the latest cheap conveniences is a neat iron plate, large enough to set a coffee or teapot on, which has appendages below which slip over the front bars of a grate, and furnish a place to heat coffee, tea or water by the grate fire. This heater may be attached so as to project inside over the fire, or outside when the heat would be less intense.

A Table Heater

Another ingenious heater is a round piece of solid fron, as large as the bottom of a coffee-pot. This is placed on the top of the stove and heated, and when the coffee-pot is placed on the table this heater, set in a neat cast-iron basket, supported on three neat legs, takes the place of a table mat and keeps it steaming hot, as the iron holds heat for a long time. The basket is constructed so that air circulates under the iron and prevents injury to table.

Household ConveniencesA Table Heater 87A Table Heater 88

Household Conveniences

There are many inventions, not costly, that are very useful, which do not belong to the kitchen, a few of which are mentioned below:

Brush And Comb Rack

A very neat White wire rack, for holding the hairbrush and comb, which usually lie in the way in the vicinity of the mirror, may now be had for a few cents, and is a great convenience for the toilet.

Cheap Toilet Table

- When a wash stand can not be afforded, procure a large three-cornered piece of board, large enough to comfortably accommodate a wash bowl, pitcher, etc., and fasten it in a corner of the room where the light is good. Cover it suitably with colored cambric, tack on the edge a slightly full flounce of the same, long enough to reach the floor. Over this place plain book muslin with box pleatings across the edge and along the bottom. The frame of the mirror over it may also be draped with book muslin. Neat paper boxes, covered with fancy paper or zephyr work may be added for holding brushes, combs, etc. A neat drawer may easily be fitted under the board, and will be found convenient for many purposes.