Beat the whites of six eggs to a very stiff froth (you can not beat them too stiff; and if they are not stiff the meringue will not be good.) While beating, add a saltspoonful of salt, also a teaspoon-ful of sugar; when well beaten up add half a pound of sugar, and stir it very lightly in, yet be careful to see it is well stirred in. This being ready, take the pie after baking (usually a lemon pie), and with a knife spread a thin coating of the meringue all over it; then with a cone (the same as used in other icing), filled with the meringue icing, proceed to work out some design. When finished return it to the oven to take a light brown color. You can work any design in this as well as in icing-sugar, but the patterns for this are larger, consequently are done with a cone with a larger portion cut off the point. For centers of meringue pies you can use such designs

Dessert Charlotte Russe

Dessert Charlotte Russe.

Meringue Top

Meringue Top.

356) as an ear of com, an anchor, a "true lover's knot." a Maltese cross, a bunch of grapes, or whatever the fancy dictates; you can further decorate it with fruit jelly in addition to the meringue piping, putting on the jelly with a cone, and in the same manner as for piping. Chocolate is not used on meringue work, neither is the meringue ever colored except in some cases when it is colored a light cream color; pink colored sugar is sometimes sprinkled over it. To color this sugar, simply drop a little cochineal color on some granulated sugar, and rub it together until colored, then dry it, then rub it apart and keep it in a bottle ready for use. It will keep its color for years. I give one design (page 355) for the top of a meringue pie just as a guide.