Clover Vinegar

Put a large bowl of molasses in a crock, and pour over it nine bowls of boiling rain-water; let stand until milk-warm, put in two quarts of clover blossoms, and two cups of baker's yeast; let this stand two weeks, and strain through a towel. Nothing will mold in it. - Mrs. McAlister, Goshen,,

Mint Vinegar

Put into a wide-mouthed bottle enough fresh, clean peppermint, spearmint, or garden parsley leaves to fill it loosely; fill up with good vinegar, stop closely, leave on for two or three weeks, pour off into another bottle, and keep well corked for use. This is excellent for cold meats, soups and bread-dressings for roasts; when mints can not be obtained, celery seed is used in the same way. -Mrs. B. A. Fay.

Spiced Vinegar

Put three pounds sugar in a three gallon jar with a small mouth; mix two ounces each of mace, cloves, pepper, allspice, turmeric, celery seed, white ginger in small bits, and ground mustard; put in six small bags made of thin but strong muslin, lay in jar, fill with best cider vinegar, and use it in making pickles and sauces.

Tarragon Vinegar

Gather the tarragon just before it blossoms, strip it from the larger stalks and put it into small stone jars or wide-necked bottle; and in doing this twist the branches, bruising the leaves. Pour over it vinegar enough to cover; let it stand two months or longer, pour off, strain, and put into small dry bottles, cork well and use as sauce for meats.

Cauliflower Pickles

To twelve heads of cauliflower, five quarts of vinegar, five cups brown sugar, six eggs, one bottle French mustard, two tablespoon-ful ginger, a few garlic, two green peppers, one-half teaspoonful cayenne, butter size of an egg, one ounce pulverized turmeric. Beat well together the eggs, sugar, mustard, ginger, and turmeric, then boil in vinegar, with garlic and peppers, ten minutes. Boil cauliflower in salt water until tender, then place carefully in jar, pour over the boiling hot mixture. - Mrs. W. W. Eastman, Minneapolis.

Ripe Cucumber Pickles

Take twenty-four large cucumbers, ripe and sound, six white onions, four large red peppers; pare and remove the seeds from die cucumbers, chop well, not too fine; then chop fine onions and peppers, mix thoroughly with one cup salt, one ounce white mustard; place in a muslin bag; drain twenty-four hours, remove to glass jars, cover with cold vinegar and seal. They will keep a long time and are excellent. - Mrs. A. F. Conkey,