White Cake

One cup butter, two of sugar, one of sweet milk, three of flour, whites of five eggs, two tea-spoons baking powder. Easily made, and very good. - Mrs. Daniel Miller.

White Perfection Cake

Three cups sugar, one of butter, one of milk, three of flour, one of corn starch, whites of twelve eggs beaten to a stiff froth, two tea-spoons cream tartar in the flour, and one of soda in half the milk; dissolve the corn starch in the rest of the milk, and add it to the sugar and butter well beaten together, then the milk and soda, and the flour and whites of eggs. This cake is rightly named "Perfection." - Mrs. C. Jones, Bradford, Vt.

Almond Cake

Two cups sugar, three-fourths cup butter, one of sweet milk, two of flour, and one of corn starch well mixed, whites of six eggs, two tea-spoons cream tartar in the flour, one tea-spoon soda in the milk; cream the butter and sugar, add milk gradually, then the whites of eggs together with the flour, and bake in jelly-tins. To put between layers, take two pounds almonds, blanch and pound fine in a mortar (or a cloth will do), beat whites and yolks of two eggs together lightly, add a cup and a half sugar, then the almonds, with one table-spoon vanilla. - Mrs. Harvey Wood.

Almond Cream Cake

On beaten whites of ten eggs, sift one and a half goblets pulverized sugar, and a goblet flour through which has been stirred a heaping tea-spoon cream tartar; stir very gently and do not heat it; bake in jelly-pans. For cream, take a half pint sweet cream, yolks of three eggs, table-spoon pulverized sugar, tea-spoon corn starch; dissolve starch smoothly with a little milk, beat yolks and sugar together with this, boil the cream, and stir these ingredients in as for any cream-cake filling, only make a little thicker; blanch and chop fine a half pound almonds and stir into the cream. Put together like jelly cake while icing is soft, and stick in a half pound of almonds split in two. - Mrs. Paris Gibson, Minneapolis, Minn.

Boston Cream Puffs

Put half pint hot water and two-thirds cup butter over the fire; when boiling, stir in one and a half cups flour, and continue stirring until smooth and the mixture leaves the sides of the sauce-pan; remove from fire, cool, and beat thoroughly into it five well-beaten eggs. Drop on warm greased tins (or a dripping-pan), a tablespoon in a place, leaving space between to prevent touching, brush over with the white of an egg, and bake ten or fifteen minutes in a quick oven. When cakes are done, they will be hollow. When cold, slice off the top, fill space with the cream, and replace top.

Cream For Inside

Take one pint milk, place one-half in a tin pail and set in boiling water; reserve from the other half two tablespoons to mix with eggs, and into the rest, while cold, mix one cup of flour until smooth; when the milk is hot, pour in the flour, and stir until thicker than boiled custard; then beat well together the two table-spoons milk, two eggs, one cup granulated sugar, a level 6 table-spoon butter, and a tea-spoon vanilla or lemon; add gradually, and continue stirring briskly until so thick that when cold it will drop, not pour, from the spoon. The puffs may be kept on hand. Make the cream fresh, let it cool, and fill as many as are wanted. - Mrs. Ex-Governor Noyes, Cincinnati, Ohio.