To dry the face a soft, absorbent towel should be used. Many beauty specialists believe in patting rather than rubbing the face, and claim that this action tends to drive the scent inwards.

There is a prejudice against perfumed soaps. This, however, is due to the abuse - not the use - of scent in soaps. If the soap be the product of a reliable laboratory there is no possible objection to the additional pleasure of the chosen perfume.

Perfuming the breath is fraught with many pitfalls, but the judicious use of a fragrant cachou is not to be despised.

To perfume the boudoir and attire a carefully thought-out system of sachets must be adopted. Plain pads of cottonwool saturated with sachet powder should line all bureau drawers.

Small sachet bags can be placed between the articles laid away for safe keeping in boxes and drawers. It is a good plan to wind the frames, on which all skirts should be hung, with scented pads, and a few can be sewn in the skirts and in petticoats themselves. At the top clasp of the corset a pad does good service and adds also to the comfort of the wearer.

Medicinal Value of Scent

Toilet water in all ablutions is one of the best aids to acquiring this "suggestion" of perfume. It is a mistake, however, to use an expensive extract. Highly concentrated extracts are not manufactured to yield their best worth when diluted with water.

It is said that during the great plague which devastated Marseilles four robbers invented an aromatic vinegar which was so disinfectant in its nature that, by saturating themselves with it, they could rob the dead without being in danger of infection from the dread disease. This vinegar was known for years in France by the name of " Vinaigre des quatre voleurs," and gave the first idea of toilet vinegar. This would seem to contradict the arguments of those who claim that perfume is unhealthy.

The Frenchwoman and Her Perfumes

The Frenchwoman sprays her veil and the feathers on her hat with her chosen perfume, and if the favourite scent happens to be mignonette she does not wash her teeth with a dentrifice perfumed with peppermint. In the box containing her notepaper are silken sachets, and even her bath is accomplished by means of the "bath sachet."

The bath sachet is a bagful of bran, oatmeal, soap-bark, etc., highly scented, and has a most delicious effect upon the skin. When her hair is brushed at night she uses a brilliantine, crystallised or otherwise, perfumed with her "own" scent; and at each sitting with a manicurist orange-wood sticks are dipped in perfume and crowded against the receptive skin at the base of the nails. The Frenchwoman thinks that a drop of scent administered behind the ears has a lasting effect during the day, and there is a special pomade which she employs for brushing and " arching " the eyebrows.

After shampooing the hair, the rinsing water should contain a few drops of the oil of the favourite scent, and the pads used for dressing the hair should be scented with sachet powder. It is a charming idea slightly to scent a drawing-room by burning incense pastilles, having a plethora of sachet cushions, and by using a vaporiser to scatter scent about the room.

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