Trip Round the World By means of the Canadian Pacific Railway a picturesque route is opened up to Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, and round the world, via Vancouver. The tour may occupy six months, or it may be extended to two years.

There are many routes. As Canada is to be avoided in winter, the happy pair would choose the tour by the New Zealand Shipping Company, via Teneriffe, Cape Town, and Hobart, Tasmania, and homeward from Sydney by Canadian-australian lines, via Brisbane, Fiji, Honolulu, British Columbia (Victoria and Vancouver), New York, and across the Atlantic to England. The price for this is 136 10s. each person. Canada would then be crossed in early summer by the Canadian-pacific Railway, which carries its passengers without change of cars from the Pacific at Vancouver to the Atlantic.


Then there is the wonderful Trans-siberian Railway, by means of which Japan is reached in fifteen days from London.

Siberia in winter? Well, so far as the railway in question is concerned, the traveller would be as warm and comfortable as in his own home, and if this were all a visit to Japan would come well into the list of possible winter honeymoons. So comfortable and well warmed are the Continental railway carriages that there would be nothing to fear from cold between Calais and Tokyo. The only chilly part of the trip would be the couple of hours' run to Dover, and the hour's crossing of the troublous Channel.

The cost from London to Nagasaki is 44 each person, first class; and just over 30 second class. These fares are for the single journey.

South Africa

A honeymoon trip to South Africa has become quite fashionable since the Boer War. The winter climate is ideal, and for those who are rich enough to command the most luxurious mode of travelling there are the Royal Mail steamers.

For limited exchequers there are cheaper boats, and on all of them there is a varied scale of charges according to the position of the berth. Taking all the steamships together, the fares from London to Cape Town begin at 10, and run up to 47.


But South Africa is a long way off, and by the same route Madeira offers itself enticingly as all that can be desired by winter visitors. The fares vary from six to seventeen guineas. The Booth Line of steamers call there, and the fare is 10 single, and 16 10s. return. Yet another route is by the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, which makes a speciality of luxurious trips at any time of year.

Madeira is considered by many experienced travellers to be the loveliest island in the world. It offers a great variety of climate, owing to the height of its mountains, and the flowers and fruits are so abundant that visitors accustomed to the comparatively poor vegetation of our northern climate are filled with admiration.