"Have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place." If this rule were hung up in every storeroom and adhered to in practice there would be far less muddle and waste. Each bottle or tin should have the name of its contents clearly written on a label, which should be securely fastened on.

All materials for cleaning purposes should be kept apart from food, and should have a cupboard, or at least a shelf, to themselves.

Jam, pickles, and sauces should be stored in the coolest, driest corner possible, otherwise they will ferment.

A small cupboard or shelf is advisable for medicines - this is specially important in houses away from doctor and chemist - where a supply of drugs for ordinary ailments should be kept in store.

Reserve a drawer or box for paper from parcels and string; if this is neatly folded and put awav it will case the work of doing up parcels, and probably save shillings in the year.