Required: A pair of calf's sweetbreads. White stock or milk. Truffle.

About a pint of aspic jelly. A tin of macedoine of vegetables or peas. Half a pint of chaudfroid sauce. One lettuce. One small endive. A little cress.

Wash the sweetbreads, and lay them in cold salted water for two hours. Put them in a stewpan with enough cold salted water to cover them; add a squeeze of lemon-juice, and simmer gently for about eight minutes. Lift them out of the pan, and lay in cold water again, to make them white and firm.

Chaudfroid of sweetbreads

Chaudfroid of sweetbreads

Trim carefully, removing all fat and gristle, and cook them in some well-flavoured white stock until they are tender. Then wrap them in a clean cloth, and put them between two dishes, with a weight on the top one, so as to press them. Next cut them into neat oval slices of as much the same size and shape as possible, coat one side of each with chaudfroid sauce, then decorate in any pretty design with fancy shapes of truffle.

Have ready a border mould of aspic jelly set with mixed cooked vegetables or peas. To do this, rinse a mould in boiling water, then in cold. Pour into it a little melted aspic, and let that set, then put in some vegetables, and set them with jelly. Arrange the vegetables prettily, showing the various colours of the carrot, turnip, and peas. Continue the layers of vegetables and jelly until the mould is full. Leave it until set, then dip the mould into tepid water, and turn the jelly on to a dish. Arrange the sweetbread neatly on this border, fill in the centre with a nice salad of the lettuce, endive, and cress, and put a border of chopped aspic jelly round the dish.