Required: Allow four heaped tablespoonfuls for one quart of water.

If the coffee is to be perfect, the coffee-berries should be freshly roasted and ground. Scald the pot and place it in a saucepan containing boiling water. If it is a percolator, put the coffee-powder into the upper part, and pour the boiling water slowly on to it. When all has run through, the coffee is ready.

Another Method of Making Coffee Put the coffee in a heated jug or pot, pour on the boiling water, stir it well, and let it stand for five minutes at the side of the stove. Then pour three or four cupfuls backwards and forwards. Let it stand for five minutes to settle. Strain into a hot coffee-pot, and it is ready. This is a simple but excellent way of making coffee.

Tangerine creams

Tangerine creams

Hand with it hot milk, cream, and sugar.

The Milk should be slowly heated, but not boiled, as boiling spoils the flavour.