Correct Modes of Addressing Letters to Persons of  100325

Below the rank of Royalty there are two ways of addressing, beginning, and ending letters. Friends and acquaintances write informally, and address persons of rank with less punctilio; whereas tradespeople and employees are expected to write with formality. The following will show the difference:


Formal Informal Address: " To His " The Duke of-------"

Grace the Duke of _________>>

Beginning: " My " Dear Duke," or

Lord Duke, - May it "My Dear Duke." please your Grace."

Ending: "I have " Believe me, very the honour to be, sincerely, or faithyour Grace's fully, or truly, yours." obedient servant."


Address: "To Her " The Duchess of Grace the Duchess of -------"

Or, " To Her Grace the Dowager Duchess of-------*

Beginning: ." Madam, - May it "DearDuchess,"or please your Grace." " My Dear Duchess."

Ending: " Your " Believe me, dear Grace's obedient ser- Duchess," or " My vant." dear Duchess, yours," etc.


Address: " To the " The Marquis of

Most Noble the Mar- -------" quis of-------"

Beginning: "My " Dear Lord-------"

Lord Marquis."

Ending: "I have " Believe me, the honour to be, Very sincerely, Your Lordship's yours." obedient servant."


Address: " The ' The Marchioness

Most Noble the Mar- of-------" chioness of-------"

Beginning: ' Madam, - May it " Dear Lady------please your ladyship." Ending: "I have ' Believe me, the honour to re- Very sincerely, main, your Lady- yours." ship's most obedient servant." lf the reigning duke is married, his mother becomes dowager, to distinguish her from the reigning duchess. Or she may he addressed as " Mary Duchess of-----," preceded always by " Her Grace "


Formal Informal

Address: " To the "The Earl of-------"

Right Honble. the Earl of-------"

Beginning: "My " Dear Lord-------"


Ending: "I have " Believe me, the honour to be, Very sincerely,

Your Lordship's yours.'" obedient servant."


Address: " To the " The Countess of

Right Honble. the -------"

Countess of-------"

Beginning: " Dear Lady-------'

" Madam."

Ending: " Your " Yours," etc. Ladyship's obedient servant."


Address: "To the "The Viscount

Right Honble. Vis- -------" count-------"

Beginning: " My " Dear Lord-------"


Ending: " Your " Yours," etc. Lordship's obedient servant."



Same as Countesses.


Address: "To the Right Honble. the


Beginning and ending as for Earls.


Address: " To the " The Lady------"

Right Honble. Lady

Beginning and ending as for Countesses.


Address: "Sir The same.

John------, Bart."

Beginning: " Sir." " Dear Sir John." Ending: "I have " Yours," etc. the honour to remain, Yours most respectfully."