Age of Consent. - For males, 14; for females, 12.

Surrogate. - A deputy of an ecclesiastical judge, most commonly of a bishop or his chancellor, with power to issue marriage licences.

Caveat. - A process to stop procedure, a warning to a registrar not to proceed.

Accustomed Fees. - Fees to which the clergy are entitled for performing the marriage ceremony, and which must necessarily depend on the position of the parties, the situation of the church, and the style in which the ceremony is conducted. Marriage Officer. - In the Colonies, either a minister of religion, as in Jamaica; a resident magistrate, as in Cape Colony; or a layman appointed for that purpose by the Governor of the Colony.

Infant. - A person of either sex under twenty-one years of age.

Parol. - By word of mouth, or by writing not under seal.

Adoptive Act. - -One which in the first instance only applies to London, but which may be adopted by local authorities in other parts of the Kingdom. The Notification of Births Act is an instance in point, and parents should inquire from the medical officer if it applies to their district.