If carefully planned, the dessert should be the crowning-point of a good dinner, yet without being over-lavish or meagre in the supply of dainties. Remember a little really choice fruit is better than a profusion of what is indifferent in quality.

At Christmas-time, not only is the golden orange in perfection, but also rosy apples, and both lend a glow of cheerful colour that is most attractive.

Boxes of the tiny Tangerine oranges and diminutive "lady apple" can also be procured at this season, as well as assorted nuts to delight the men-folk, both old and young.

Christmas and almonds and raisins are almost synonymous terms, but be sure the almonds have been laid in cold salted water after being shelled, in order to regain their crisp-ness.

Salted almonds, which may be bought ready prepared in bottles, are always popular, so also are a few small silver or glass dishes of olives, marrons glaces, and other bonbons, the latter often harmonising with the colour scheme of the table decorations.

Mince pies A. Ullyett

Mince-pies A. Ullyett