A padded dress stand is the best, and one covered with drill is the strongest. They can be had in stock sizes or made to measure from a well fitting bodice. An arm, or arms, for the dress stand is a great addition; but this need not be purchased, it can be made by the worker at the cost of only a few pence as follows: A sleeve should be cut in stout holland and fitted tightly to the arm (the arm should be held in a slightly bent position). When fitted, the seams must be machine-stitched. A small oval shaped piece of holland must be

Dress cut out (allowing sufficient for turnings all round) to fit the bottom of the sleeve. It should be turned down and firmly sewn in all round to fill in the bottom of the sleeve. The sleeve should then be stuffed with sawdust, very firmly pressed in, to give the sleeve the shape of the arm.

When the sleeve is quite full, another oval piece of holland must be cut with turnings, turned down, and sewn in all round to fill in the top of the sleeve in the same way as the smaller piece at the wrist.

Both the right and left arm can be made in this way if desired, and will be found a great help in the draping of sleeves.