Flowering shrubs also will be planted in November. Town-dwellers should replace some of their "evergreens " with the charming deciduous subjects which make a garden so beautiful. Among such shrubs may be mentioned the following: Weigela, Deutzia, Buddleia, Hibiscus, Persian lilac, Dogwood, scarlet Ribes, Guelder rose, Kerria japonica, Brooms (white and yellow), Philadelphus, Bladder senna, Mock orange, and Rhododendrons. Evergreen trees and shrubs, as well as those which are deciduous, may be shifted during the present month. Any half-hardy shrubs, also half-hardy herbaceous plants, should be lifted before severe frosts arrive. Dahlias and cannas, and the corms of gladioli also should be lifted and dried. Continue planting late bulbs, such as anemone, ranunculus, hyacinthus candicans, ixias, etc., and, when necessary, protect with loose litter or bracken leaves.