Frauds in the fur trade consist in selling " shaded " skins as natural skins, or selling substitutes under a false name, and such frauds are most often applied to one of the most costly of all furs - the darkest Russian sable. Besides darkening the over-hair, white badger hairs are either gummed in, or drawn through the pelt with a needle, so as to give the effect of the silvery over-hairs, which appear here and there in the finer grades of Russian sable.

An expert has given some simple tests which will enable an amateur to detect the grosser counterfeits. One test is to double the skin over, with the fur outwards, and to look through the ridge of over-hair towards bright sunlight. The tips of the over-hair in both natural and " shaded " skins are darker than the lower part of the hair, so in looking at them in this way one perceives a high-water mark, half way from hide to tip, where the colour suddenly darkens.