Required: One and a quarter pint of hot water. Half a pint of sherry. Half a pound of loaf sugar One inch of cinnamon. Three cloves. Three lemons.

Two and a half ounces of leaf gelatine. Two whites and shells of eggs.

Select a perfectly clean, bright steel or enamel-lined pan that will hold two quarts. Put into it the water, sherry, sugar, cinnamon, and cloves. Peel the lemons very thinly and add the rinds and strained juice to the other ingredients. (There should be about a quarter of a pint of juice.) Be careful there is no pith on the rinds, as this would probably cloud the jelly. Next put in the gelatine, and lastly wash the eggshells thoroughly, crush them in the hand, add them, also the whites after whisking them to a fairly stiff froth; the two latter are to clarify the jelly.

Put the pan on the fire without a lid, take a clean egg whisk, and whisk the contents of the pan until it begins to boil, then take out the whisk, and let it boil to the top of the pan. Draw the pan to one side, put on the lid, and let it settle for ten minutes. While it is settling prepare the jelly strainer.