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Breakfast to many is the most important meal of the day. The arrangements should not be elaborate; on the contrary, they should be the perfection of simplicity.

It has been said that family quarrels would be fewer if everyone breakfasted alone in his room, and did not mix with his fellows until they had broken their fast.

But that would be a cowardly way to face a difficulty. Better far to make breakfast such a pleasant meal that frowns are dispelled.

The wife who possesses the gift of sending her husband off every morning in a good humour to his business can claim to be the inspirer of half his success in life. Moreover, if her boys and girls go off to school with sunshine in their hearts and smiles on their faces, they will learn their lessons better than if they had begun the day with cross looks at the breakfast table.

Food for the breakfast table is a subject which will be dealt with in another part of this section, but food is not the only important part of the breakfast-table; the manner of serving is equally worthy of consideration. Who does not prefer a simple meal with spotless cloth, shining silver, and glistening glass, to an elaborate repast served in a slovenly fashion.